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As Seen on TV Shark Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is a apparatus that runs on water and electricity. The water is poured in, boiled and the heated, at which time steam is let out via a nozzle and into a hose or other attachment. The hose or attachment allows a person to apply the steam to a variety of cleaning applications using various nozzles, brush attachments and microfiber pads. Steam flows through so that you can use the attachment or pad to scrub, wipe or clean the bacteria or debris that the steam loosens. Steam cleaning is favoured as it uses only pure water (no unwanted chemicals) and has the ability to disinfect a surface using heat The reusable microfiber pads can significantly reduce the time necessary in getting challenging areas clean. Steam cleaners such as the as seen on tv shark are designed to heat up the water to a certain temperature and that high temperature is what gives you the ability to disinfect a surface quite quickly. Keep in mind, higher-end steamers will heat up faster and clean and disinfect surfaces quicker because of their superior technology. However, for your home, a product like this one is more than suitable for the job.

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